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LITTLE BIG PLANET: The game LittleBigPlanet is unlike anything on the market. It's creative, positive, cooperative, non-violent and just plain fun. It's a revolution in gaming. The concept we had was the idea of a Playful Revolution. "Fun Shall Overcome" became the the final tagline for the campaign. We thought about it from the standpoint of, what would these little guys from the video game, (the Sackboys) do for a revolution. What would their revolution look like? We thought they would spread their fun and creativity around. (A peaceful revolution) Their world is tiny, and these tiny billboards, stencil print ad, and live-beyond packaging are part of that idea. They're fun, surprising, and a "hey, would you look at that" kind of positive advertising. *This campaign won a few ADDYs and Belding Bowls.